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Video Comments

Ezekeel Johnson (On 2013-03-20)
We are at a strange time when the jesters appear to be the most sensible people on the planet.Derek - Episode Six - Full Episode SD
TheCarin12 (On 2013-05-24)
One thing to say. A piece of television brilliance...
profeadsey (On 2013-04-12)
awwwwwwwwwwww fuck xx
sesanner (On 2013-05-28)
A whole new facet in my respect for Ricky Gervais and all involved in "Derek." My, but it does inspire introspection and compassion. The music has consistently been fine, but in this episode the music shared the star role. All around Wow! Thanks for the videos.
VagabondEXE (On 2013-04-24)
I really disliked Kev up till this episode. I know we're supposed to find him revolting, but I found him absolutely flat and crude with no redeeming qualities. Then he completely opens up in this episode and you realise its all an act. Realising that he's aware of how people perceive him but he doesn't believe any better of himself. He's not ignorant. Very very powerful. 19:52
Phatdaddybud (On 2013-07-20)
Baby monkey, baby monkey backwards on a pig baby monkey. F'ing hilarious !
naomiruthhughes (On 2013-04-23)
I cried my soul out! Ricky, you beautiful genius! Derek is adorable. I wish all men thought like him ❤xxx
Andy McKenzie (On 2013-07-24)
thats what life is, someone giving you a slappin', and then a load of crying... thats life. Thanks Ricky for another piece of genius. Please don't ever change and take yourself too seriously - noone else does!
Ricky Gervais (On 2013-07-14)
Stay tuned for series 2 boys and girls, they'll be all here on this channel as soon as they drop.
Jessica Payne (On 2013-07-01)
What? I don't really understand most of what you just said, but do you mean to say that Ricky Gervais is religious??

Vasectomy Reversal

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Vasectomy Reversal

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